The Field of Finance 2023

Finance encompasses not only traditional banks like JPMorgan and Bank of America, but also Big Four accounting firms like EY and PwC. Finance even extends beyond accounting into investment, insurance and personal financial services; indeed this industry ranks among one of the world’s most profitable industries! Check out our list of some of the top finance companies based on revenue for last fiscal year!

As the global economy grapples with mounting economic challenges such as rising interest rates and inflation, financial institutions are seeking ways to increase operational efficiency while mitigating risks, improving customer and employee satisfaction and staying resilient in an unstable market environment. Leveraging advanced technologies can be particularly effective at doing just this.

No matter the economic climate, customers continue to embrace digital banking services and mobile money management apps that enable them to keep tabs on their finances from anywhere. Following the coronavirus pandemic, customers have shown preference for remote bank access from both established institutions as well as fintech startups – reflecting this positive outlook for financial sector evolution.

Finance is an exciting field that offers enormous career prospects for students looking to build their careers. However, studying finance requires considerable hard work and effort from all involved – therefore it is vital that individuals familiarize themselves with all available specializations before choosing which path they wish to follow.

Some of the major specializations within finance are corporate, managerial, quantitative and personal finance. Although all four offer excellent job prospects and provide valuable experience for studying them, each requires different sets of knowledge in order to attain.

Students pursuing degrees in finance may pursue positions with businesses, banks, stockholders, suppliers and government agencies; as well as investment companies or organizations needing key decisions made about their business strategies made by financial managers or advisors.

Gartner recently conducted a study that revealed the top 5 priorities of finance leaders for 2023 are leading finance transformation, building human-centric cultures, and shifting finance functions towards being business-centric organizations. To successfully meet these objectives, finance industry stakeholders must adopt an all-encompassing approach to business and IT transformation – CFOs must assess their technology landscapes to develop roadmaps with modular, composable applications to transform finance architecture into an agile partner for business success.

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