Learn how to play 3 cards and always win from experts

How to play 3 cards to always win is a “secret technique” that many people are interested in. Although playing this game is not difficult, playing to win big is really not easy. Here we go  New88 Learn some effective playing tips from experts in the profession to get closer to victory.
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Learn a bit about the 3-card card game

3 Cards is a card game that originated in China and was introduced to Vietnam very early. This game also uses a common 52-card deck of cards with 2 – 12 people forming a game. 

With this card game, each person will receive 3 cards as the name implies. The special point of this game is that it only uses 36 cards from A – 9, discarding cards 10, J, Q, K. The score of each game will be calculated by the total score of the 3 cards in hand. Everyone compares scores with each other. Whoever has the highest score wins. 

As a popular form of card playing in Vietnam, it is not strange that the 3-card card game is now set up in a virtual version. Players can easily play and make money through software on phones and computers.

If you grasp the How to play 3 cards to always win from experts, you will be able to make huge profits. Even better than the salary you worked “hard” to receive. 

Summary of ways to play 3 cards to always win from experts

To master the game and grasp victory in your hands when playing 3-card cards, players need to equip themselves with the necessary playing experience. Typical examples include:

The key to always winning when playing 3 cards is to always understand the rules of the game 

Not just 3 cards but any sport, to win, the key is to clearly understand the rules of the game. You need to clearly understand the rules of the game and how to calculate fixed and immutable points. 

Besides, you must also understand the rules of the contract with the house or other players at the table. That way you can avoid making unnecessary mistakes during the game.

Bet on multiple bets at the same time

How to play 3 cards to always win Used by many experts, it is impossible to ignore betting on multiple doors at the same time. Like investing in stocks, you need to find a way to spread your capital to increase your chances of winning. Accordingly, instead of ordering 1 door that you like, order a number of other backup doors. 

The way to always win when playing 3 cards is to limit the bet amount

This is also an effective playing tip recommended by many experts. It is essential that you set betting limits from the beginning. This will help you calculate your betting actions properly. Besides, it also helps you avoid falling deeply into attractive red and black card games, affecting your life. 

Splitting the bet is a way to always win when playing 3 cards 

To preserve and maintain your capital when playing 3 cards, it is best to divide your bets between games. Thus, you will be able to play cards for a long time without worrying about lack of capital and at the same time help limit the situation of losing everything.

Tease opponents to bet on the edge

The experts are certainly no strangers to this How to play 3 cards to always win is to tempt opponents to bet on the edge. With this trick, you will be able to significantly increase your profits when you win. However, if you unfortunately lose, you must accept that the risk will be greater than usual.
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Ideally, you should only solicit your opponents’ bets if you are really confident about your cards and underestimate their chances of winning. Absolutely do not apply this strategy when the opponent is in the red line, the odds of you having to admit defeat will be very high.

Betting on the door is a way to play 3 cards that always wins by many experts

Of course, one How to play 3 cards to always win What you cannot ignore is the betting window. In fact, there have been many “novices” who have succeeded with this trick. However, you should only bet to “change the mood” and not use it regularly.

Accordingly, you should carefully observe the situation of the 3-card game. If you notice a player winning big often, you have met the “genius of fortune”. Chances are they are experts or are in luck and playing based on them is a great choice for you to get closer to the bonus. 


Last, dealer  New88 shared with you the whole set How to play 3 cards to always win from experts. Applying these strategies in your card games, you will definitely be able to make a lot of money. Don’t forget to visit the page regularly to learn more interesting knowledge about gambling.

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